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Team Flair is a FIFA esports collective created by a group of friends from all corners of the globe collaborating in scoring the most outrageous goals you can think of & pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

1+ Million Weekly Impressions

2+ Million Accounts Reached

Consistently Featured on the biggest football pages

Founded by professional FIFA skillers Davzskill, Jcmskill and OzillaFIFA, the team of 13 members has a combined total of around 500,000 Instagram followers. Members regularly create content for pages such as 433 and Ladbible, and have had partnerships with large brands such as Luke Roper, FruitLab and Stakester. In addition, several members are part of esports teams such as NFG (founded by Leicester City footballer Christian Fuchs) or Ellevens (founded by Gareth Bale).

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